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Policies & Procedures 

Client Contract: All Clients MUST have a signed Client Contract on file prior to  any service visit. This must be completed at the Meet & Greet.


Meet & Greets: A meet and greet is required prior to starting the pet sitting service. During the meet and greet I will go over the contract and take this time to introduce myself to you and your pet(s) and go over any questions that you may have for me. Meet and greets are complimentary; only if a contract has been signed are you required to pay a deposit.


Payments: Payment is due PRIOR to services being rendered for pet care services. Payment is accepted through the invoice link. Card or Bank ACH routing are accepted. 


Pet Sitting Requests: To request/book an appointment please fill out the contact form. After I receive your request, I will message you with the next steps. You can also use the contact form to ask any questions that you may have for me.


Availability: I currently have a full-time job. My availability hours are based on the times where I will not be at work. I understand that my hours may not meet your specific needs, but this is my availability. If you have 1any questions regarding my hours feel free to use the contact form to ask any questions, thank you.


Cancellations: I kindly ask that you provide, at least, 24 hours notice (1 day) for any pet sitting reservation. For any reservations 7 days or longer, I ask that you provide, at least, 2 weeks (14 days) notice. Notices not received within the allotted time will be subject to a service fee that will be applied to your current or next scheduled visit.


Gratuities: Your invoice does not include gratuity. Gratuity is not required but is always appreciated.


Medications: I do have experience in administering medications for pets (i.e. pills, insulin, other injectables, and topicals). My availability only allows for AM/PM administrations. If your pet(s) require medications to be given outside of my availability, then I am probably not the best fit for your pet. If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form.


Early Return: Should you expect to return early, I ask that you please call, text, or email immediately. Your invoice will be adjusted to reflect the completed pet sitting reservation.


Travel Delays: Should you be delayed on your trip and not be able to return home as expected. I ask that you please call, text or email immediately when you are aware of your travel delays to ensure that I will be able to accommodate your schedule. Standard rates for the extra visits will apply.


Aggressive Pets: If you are not completely sure your pet(s) will allow a pet sitter to enter your home while you are NOT there, I cannot accept the pet sitting reservation. You may still request a reservation and after the meet and greet if I feel like your pet(s) will not allow a sitter, I reserve the right to decline the request.

Third Party Entering the Home: A Third Party is classified as anyone other than the homeowner. You must notify me if you intend to have a third party enter the home while I am providing service.


Leaving Non-Contracted/Visiting Pets or Grouping Visits: I, unfortunately, cannot undertake any pet sitting assignments if non-contracted or visiting pets (i.e. someone else's pets) are left in the home. Out of fairness to other clients, I also cannot allow clients to do group visits. Each Pet Owner MUST BOOK A SEPARATE VISIT, even if pets will be placed in the same environment. If you intend to leave someone else's pets in your home or if you are intending to group a visit, please notify me prior to the start of the visit. I will draw up separate Contracts to reflect the correct services and rates applicable to EACH Pet Owner.


Plant Care: Angela’s Pet Sitting KC specializes in pet care. Although I will gladly help you with your plants, I cannot guarantee their survival.


Exotic Pets: Angela’s Pet Sitting KC specializes in pet care mostly involving dogs and cats. I have some experience in exotics such as, ferrets, chinchillas, birds and snakes. However, exotics are not my specialty, if you feel that I could possibly be a good fit to care for your pet I’d be more than happy to schedule a Meet and Greet.

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