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  • My pet usually gets an afternoon potty break. Are you able to do this?
    Unfortunately, due to my day job I an unavailable during the hours of 7am-3:30pm Monday-Friday. I do not have the ability to take any breaks during those specified hours.
  • Are you able to provide morning drop ins? Afternoon drop ins?
    Unfortunately, due to my day job I am unavailable for morning and afternoon drop ins Monday-Friday. Drop in's M-Fri can be done after 3:30pm. Saturday & Sunday I am available for morning, afternoon, and evening drop ins. Due to the limited hours I have for the weekday, I recommend overnight care. This puts me in your residence once the next day comes and your pet is ready for their morning food and potty break. I still won't be able to provide midday breaks but most pets are fine for a typical 8 hour human workday.
  • What is in-house overnight care?
    This service means that I stay and essentially live in your house with your pets during the days requested. I do have a full-time job where I am gone Monday-Friday from 7am-3:30pm. You and your pets will have to be good with the hours I am away. After work, I make it to your residence promptly to begin the overnight care for each day requested.
  • Where do you sleep during an overnight service?
    This is up to you-the client! Most of my clients have a designated guest room, or are ok with offereing their room. I will also accept the couch if that's what is available :)
  • Do I have to provide food if you are staying overnight?
    Nope! Not at all, you do not have to feel obligated to provide me food. I have clients who do provide me food (usually for longer stays) and it is always appreciated! I will only eat your food if you have given me permission to do so! But don't worry, I won't wipe your kitchen out ;)
  • Do you care for other animals that aren't dogs & cats?
    Yes! I have experience caring for ferrets, chickens, fish, snakes, and other small reptiles. My specialty lies with caring for dogs and cats but if you feel like I would be able to care for your exotic pet, send me a message!
  • I don't see my question, how do I go about asking?"
    Feel free to utilize my contact form for any questions! Under the "service" field there is an option for questions only!
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