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Sleeping Dogs

Overnight Care

In-home Overnight Care

Is boarding not an option for your pet or you have a pet who has separation anxiety? Don't worry, with in-home overnight care your pet's usual routine and home environment are kept the same. Giving you peace of mind that your pet's are ok while you are away!


What's overnight care?

To minimize the stress of you being away from your pet I offer professional in-home pet care, where I come to your home and stay with your pet overnight. This saves the worry of your pets being under stress by having them stay in their everyday environment. This is strongly recommended for pets who don't do well in boarding environments.

Overnight pet sitting services also help to assure the safety of your home while you are away. I sleep where you are comfortable with me staying. I bring what I need to be comfortable, but will always accept any amenities you want to offer. I’ve got your tail covered for overnight pet care!

Service Description:

This is a personalized service that is an overnight stay in the client’s home and includes feeding, fresh water, potty breaks, and playtime, etc. all 100% customizable to your usual routine. 

  • Check in as soon as I arrive to ensure that I have made it in w/no problems & to update that your pet(s) are alright.
  • Leave your home as clean and tidy as it was when I arrived.
  • Send picture and updates at least once a day via text or email to client (if requested).
  • Mail collection, trash take out and other home specific requests can be requested.
  • Water any porch or indoor plants at your request.
  • Rotate blinds and/or alternate lights.


  • Starting at $50/Day I Additional Pet's +$3/pet

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