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Caressing a Cat


Drop-In Visits

The basic needs are met with drop in visits. This is great for cats and pets who require less intensive care. 

What are drop-in's?

A drop-in visit takes care of your pet's basic needs. This can include; feeding, changing water, litter box scoop, playtime and attention. You'll get an update of your pet(s) overall health during these visits.

Service Description:

​Whether you have a low maintenance cat or are having a late evening at work, drop-in's are a great service for your pet to have their needs taken care of in the comfort of their own environment. 

  • Pet is fed and fresh water is given

  • Potty Break

  • Playtime & Attention

  • Litter is scooped

  • Medication can be given

  • Mail can be collected upon request

  • Indoor/Outdoor plants can be watered upon request

Rates: are based on time

  • 15 Minutes for $15

  • 30 Minutes for $25

+$5/each 5 minutes added

Additional Pets: +$3/pet


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